Thematic prizes in 2022


President’s Prize for Climate Change Mitigation.

The focus of this prize is to award an achievement in Climate Change Mitigation.

Download the guidelines for the President´s prize here.


Best practice awards

In addition to the President´s prize the jury will award outstanding projects connected to the criteria of Entente Florale Europe. These projects should be shown and presented at the spot during the judging tour. Please note that there is no written submission needed beforehand.


Herbert Titz Memorial Prize

Herbert Titz a board member of AEFP regrettably, died on the 28th October 2020 in his 71st year, a victim of the Covid19 pandemic.

Herbert was associated with Entente Florale Europe for several decades and served as President of AEFP from 2014 to 2016. He was very enthusiastic about the competition and was dedicated to its aims which are the enhancement of the quality of life in urban and rural communities in Europe through the development of horticulture, tourism, and social/cultural improvements. The board and jury of Entente Florale Europe (EFE) would like to honour our late colleague by establishing a special prize for entrants to the competition in 2022.

In deciding on the specifics of the special prize, we have taken into consideration Herbert’s love of ornamental plants and in particular the use of plants with edible flowers and the value of green space in relation to public health benefits. Since Herbert’s death was due to him contracting the virus in 2020, it is felt that the use of plants with medicinal value would also be appropriate. Therefore, the following are guidelines for consideration by the adjudicators.


1.0 Green Space provision and public health benefits.

The fifth criterion of the EFE competition is entitled,

Green Space

It is suggested that entrants to the special prize should consider highlighting projects which emphasize the tangible health benefits for the wider community by the provision of recreational public green space. Specific studies or the development of new on-site recreational facilities within green space, where such benefits can be demonstrated at a local level, can be submitted for consideration the Jury.


2.0 Planting Schemes.

The sixth criterion of the EFE competition is entitled,

Planting – Permanent and/or Seasonal

It is suggested that entrants to the special prize should consider the use of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennial, alpine plants, herbs or seasonal plants which have food and medicinal value. These may be used in a special planting arrangement or distributed through several planting schemes but highlighted for the adjudicator’s attention.

It is also important that such planting schemes are used as demonstration purposes and promoted for environmental education by means of training schemes for people of all ages.

Participating entrants in the EFE competition are asked to submit an A4 page application when forwarding the portfolio for their community in 2022.