COVID-19 – Message from the President of AEFP Europe – Dr. Kirsten Rüdiger


Update in relation to the impact of the current worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic in relation to the Entente Florale Competition.

“Due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe, the Board of AEFP has regretfully decided to postpone the 2020 Entente Florale Competition, until the summer of 2021. We are aware that this decision has consequences, primarily, the loss of continuity of the Competition after a continuous period of 45 years. However, the Continent of Europe (and the rest of the world) is experiencing an unprecedented and severe health crisis and there continues to be uncertainty as to when it will be safe to travel within Europe. The priority for people in most countries in Europe over the coming months will be ensuring communities and societies continue to remain safe and protected, whilst tentatively trying to get back to some form of normal life. Therefore, on grounds of public health the holding Entente Florale Competition for 2020 cannot be considered at this time.  In addition, the normal mentoring and preparation of the participant communities is not possible, because of the continuing need to  continue to control the spread of the virus and make adequate provision for social distancing.

On the positive side, the Association is confident that the existing entrants for 2020 will be able to go forward for adjudication in 2021 and that each country may be able to designate a second entry (or a third entry if they wish) which would enhance next year’s Competition. We therefore hope all going well to have a successful Award Presentation in Balatonfured, Hungary in 2021.

Finally, as President of the Association I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our National Associations and members, Jury Members and Participant Communities a healthy and safe 2020. I am confident that the sacrifices made to date by our respective populations and communities will lead to improvements in the overall public health situation, with some phased lifting of the current Covid -19 Restrictions and we can look forward to a successful 2021 Competition and Awards Ceremony.