Jury Members


The International Competition Entente Florale Europe is organised annually.  Each participating country delegates one or more jury members.  The International Jury panel visiting the entrants consists of 9 members representing each participating country. 

Jury members come from the different professions associated with the criteria of the competition: landscape architecture, amenity horticulture, architecture, urban planning, environmental protection, economic development, tourism and public administration.

Jury members of the international jury Entente Florale Europe in the year 2018.


MartinWagnerVice-chair of the jury
Martin Wagner
Horticultural engineer, Blumenbüro Österreich

E-mail: martin.wagner@wien.gv.at
JohannaJohanna Renat
spatial planner

E-mail: johanna.renat@gmail.com
rudiChair of the jury
Rudi Geerardyn
landscape architect - town planner

Email: ruge@telenet.be
jarekJaroslav Brzak
Landscape architect CZ Landscape and Garden Society

Email: jarek.brzak@post.cz
rudiger kirstenVice-chair of the jury
Dr. Rüdiger Kirsten
landscape architect, Entente Florale Deutschland

Email: ruediger.kirsten@arcor.de
HildeguneHenrichHildegunde Franziska Henrich
landscape architect and town planner Entente Florale Deutschland

Email: henrich@gruen-stadt-planung.de
ildirekaDr. Ildikó Réka Báthoryné Nagy MLA PhD
landscape architect, climate adaptation expert, associate professor

E-mail: Nagy.Ildiko@tajk.szie.hu
Spanyárné SzilviaSzilvia Halász Spanyárné
landscape architect, Entente Florale Hungary

Email: spanyarne.szilvia@varosgondnoksag.hu
eammonEamonn De Stafort
tourism consultant

Email: edestafort@eircom.net
ChristyDr. Christy Boylan
landscape consultant

Email: christy.boylan@gmail.com
Alberto Peyron
agronomist, plant producer, Communi Fioriti

Email: info@purpurea.it
Fulvia Grandizio
Urban historian specialized in Garden history. Gardener at the Domaine de Trianon – Versailles Castle

Email: fulvia.grandizio@gmail.com
Luigi Delloste
Technical Officer Green Management of the City of Turin. Agrarian expert. Certified Arboriculture, European Tree Technician

Email: luigi.delloste@libero.it
NicoNico Anthony Brink
landscape architect MLA, Entente Florale Netherlands

Email: nico45@xs4all.nl
Marjolijn Ruijs
Landscape contractor, Entente Florale Netherlands

Email: marjolijn.ruijs@xs4all.nl
HUUB PICTURE homepageHuub Keijzers
Horticultural engineer, Entente Florale Netherlands

Email: huub.keijzers@gmail.com
anton schlausAnton Schlaus,
B.Sc Architect, Entente Florale Slovenija

Email: anton.schlaus@entente-florale.si
martina schlausMartina Schlaus
Architect and conservator for cultural heritage
Entente Florale Slovenija

Email: martina.schlaus@entente-florale.si