Jury Members


The International Competition Entente Florale Europe is organised annually.  Each participating country delegates one or more jury members.  The International Jury panel visiting the entrants consists of 9 members representing each participating country. 

Jury members come from the different professions associated with the criteria of the competition: landscape architecture, amenity horticulture, architecture, urban planning, environmental protection, economic development, tourism and public administration.

Jury members of the international jury Entente Florale Europe in the year 2018.


MartinWagnerVice-chair of the jury

Martin Wagner
Horticultural engineer, Blumenbüro Österreich

JohannaSecretary General of AEFP

Johanna Renat
spatial planner

rudiChair of the jury
Rudi Geerardyn
landscape architect - town planner

jarekJaroslav Brzak
Landscape architect CZ Landscape and Garden Society

rudiger kirstenVice-chair of the jury
Dr. Rüdiger Kirsten
landscape architect, Entente Florale Deutschland

HildeguneHenrichHildegunde Franziska Henrich
landscape architect and town planner Entente Florale Deutschland

ildirekaDr. Ildikó Réka Báthoryné Nagy MLA PhD
landscape architect, climate adaptation expert, associate professor

Spanyárné SzilviaSzilvia Halász Spanyárné
landscape architect, Entente Florale Hungary

eammonEamonn De Stafort
tourism consultant

ChristyDr. Christy Boylan
landscape consultant

HUUB PICTURE homepageGabriele Schetter
Forest Manager, certified European Tree Technician (ETT)

Fulvia Grandizio
Urban historian specialized in Garden history. Gardener at the Domaine de Trianon – Versailles Castle

Luigi Delloste
Technical Officer Green Management of the City of Turin. Agrarian expert. Certified Arboriculture, European Tree Technician

NicoNico Anthony Brink
landscape architect MLA, Entente Florale Netherlands

Marjolijn Ruijs
Landscape contractor, Entente Florale Netherlands

HUUB PICTURE homepageHuub Keijzers
Horticultural engineer, Entente Florale Netherlands

anton schlausAnton Schlaus,
B.Sc Architect, Entente Florale Slovenija

martina schlausMartina Schlaus
Architect and conservator for cultural heritage
Entente Florale Slovenija