Welcome to AEFP and Entente Florale Europe!

Our Association is an international non-profit association, and its overall aims are social and cultural development to enhance Horticulture, Tourism and Environment.

For realizing these aims we encourage actions that foster a better quality of life for urban and aural dwellers.

The association organizes an international competition known as ‘Entente Florale Europe’, in order to promote a greener and more pleasant environment in European towns and villages and to facilitate international contacts among the participants, based on reference towns and villages network.
Through this annual competition, public authorities, private bodies and individuals are encouraged to cooperate in beautifying their towns and villages thereby improving the quality of life for both inhabitants and visitors, by the planting of flowers and shrubs, by the development and maintenance of green spaces and parks and by generally fostering development which is ecologically and environmentally sensitive.


AEFP stands for:

  • Awareness among those in charge of our towns and villages, elected or others, of respect for the landscape and of the requirement of an environmental /ecological approach.
  • A planned approach to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of towns and villages.
  • Convincing people to become active participants.
  • Awareness and educational initiatives which will increase respect for quality actions
  • The vital role played by education, training and proper information flows.
  • The importance of a well structured communication policy