of AEFP and Entente Florale Europe


Entente Florale Europe is a competition for Towns and Villages. Each participating Country puts forward a representative Town and Village. The Town and Village are visited by the Jury and an assessment is made. The competition was founded in 1975, initially between Great Britain and France. At present there are six member countries and further applications are being processed.

In 1996, an international non profit association (Aisbl) was founded under the name of ‘Association Européenne pour le Fleurissement et le Paysage’, with the responsibility of the overall organisation of the competition and to obtain support from official bodies in the different countries. The AEFP is incorporated under the Belgian Law of 8 September 1997, and the Statutes were published in the Belgian Monitor on 8 September 1998. The amended articles, by Law of May 2, 2002 were published in the Belgian Monitor on April 28, 2006.

Since 1998 under the aegis of the ‘Association Européenne pour le Fleurissement et le Paysage’, the association and the competition Entente Florale Europe are open to all countries in the European Union as well as to the EFTA members countries (European Free Trade Association).

The competition has enjoyed the support of the International Association of Horticulture producers (AIPH) since its inception. In individual countries the competition is supported and organised by Ministries/Department of Agriculture, Tourism, as well as horticultural bodies and associations.

The President represents the association and is acting for 2 years. Each successive President shall be from a different country per alphabetic order.

History of participants from 1975 available here: EFE Participants-from-1975