The Competition

Entente Florale Europe is a Europe wide competition for villages, towns, cities, communities and public bodies administered by the international organization  Association Européenne pour le Fleurissement et le Paysage (AEFP). It has been in existence since 1975, and currently 8 European countries take part. Each country must can its entrants from its national competition, and on this basis, thousands of communities in the 8 countries participate on a regular basis. Entente Florale raises the awareness of the importance of the green environment to the quality of living in participating communities, in residential, urban and industrial areas. This is a matter of importance because as populations grow, the density of urban and living areas within Europe is increasing. The provision of adequate green spaces and landscaping provide the necessary counterbalance required to preserve quality of life.



The results of participation in Entente Florale can be seen in the improvement and development of landscaping and green spaces in villages towns and cities. High quality landscaping is a positive location factor for investors, and will support economic development. This happens through increased civic and community participation. Local inhabitants develop a greater awareness and commitment to their environment. 

Benefits and opportunities

  1. Entente Florale provides a catalyst for change, which results in sympathetic treatment of nature and the environment, the protection of heritage, involvement of future generations, and acceptable urban development improving quality of life.
  2. Support and involvement with Entente Florale broadens understanding of green issues, and opens new perspectives for future development.
  3. A green city improves quality of life for residents and promotes loyalty and care of their environment.
  4. A green city provides healthy living conditions.
  5. Involvement with Entente Florale is a powerful marketing tool to promote the community for business and tourism development.
  6. Participation stimulates successful and sustained civic and voluntary participation.
  7. The preparation for the jury visit, including the mentoring process beforehand, is both an audit check and provides a means of measuring success, and finding areas which need to be improved.
  8. Participation in Entente Florale can give a substantial boost to local tourism industry.
  9. The jury visit related preparations and awards achieved, are a powerful communications opportunity for the press and interested parties to promote the advantages of living in a greener environment.
  10. There is the potential for exchange of information between participants, encouraging and sharing best professional practice.