Entente Florale Europe

is a European competition for Towns and Villages. Each participating Country puts forward a representative Town and Village. The Town and Village are visited by the Jury and an assessment is made. The competition was founded in 1975, initially between Great Britain and France. At present there are nine member countries and further applications are beeing processed.

Who organises the Competion?

Overall organisations is by the ” Association Européenne du Fleurissement et du Paysage” (A.E.F.P.).
AEFP is a non-profit organization, incorporated under Belgian Law(s). Each participant country has its own organisation and is entitled to membership on the Board of Directors of the AEFP. The competition has enjoyed the support of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) since its inception.
In individual countries the competition is supported and organised by Ministries/Departments of Agriculture, Environment, Tourism as well as horticultural bodies and associations.

The Aim of the Competition

The overall aim of the competition is the improvement of the quality of life for local urban and village communities. To this end the competition fosters:

Advantages of Joining

You will