AEFP articles

Title I – Name, Head office and Aims
Article 1 Name of the Association
Article 2 Head office of the Association
Article 3 Aims of the Association

Title II – Members and Membership
Article 4 Ordinary Members
Article 5 Associate Members, Public Bodies and Communities
Article 6 Rights and obligations of the Members
Article 7 Termination of Membership and dissolution

Title III –Board and General Assembly
Article 8 Function, composition, rights and responsibilities of the Board and General Assembly
Article 9 Board Meetings
Article 10 Voting and decisions in the Board

Title IV – Administration
Article 11 President, President elect and former President
Article 12 Treasurer and Cash Auditors
Article 13 Secretary General
Article 14 Executive Committee (EC)
Article 15 International Jury, committees and working groups
Article 16 Signatures
Article 17 Legal Actions

Title V – General
Article 18 Amendment of the statutes of A.E.F.P.
Article 19 Dissolution of the Association
Article 20 Special clause

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AEFP internal bye-laws

Chapter One
Name, language and logo of the Association

Chapter Two
Ordinary Members, Associate Members and Observers

Chapter Three
Organs of the Association:
General Assembly, General Meeting, Executive Committee, Special Committees, International Jury E.F.E.

Chapter Four
Meetings of the Association: in general

Chapter Five
Officials and functions of the Association A.E.F.P.:
President, Vice-Presidents, Project Leader, Treasurer, Secretary General, Secretary

Chapter Six
Validity and changes of the Bye-laws A.E.F.P

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