Preparation for the judging tour

When preparing the tour, entrants should note that they will be assessed as a whole, the complete urban and/or countryside area within their landscape.

The timing allowed for the judging tour is critical and must be respected. The maximum timing allowed is based on population of the entrant as follows:

As a help, download the Recommended Timing for Assessment Programmes.

The jury will strictly adhere to the time schedule, therefore planning should include knowing in advance which presentation points to leave out if time runs short. The beginning and the end of the judging has to be clearly highlighted in the written programme and announced during the assessment tour.

The presentation should start within 15 minutes from the arrival to the location. The most important areas should be visited by foot, longer distances between “stopping off” points by coach.

Because of the close relationship between projects, and the individuals, volunteers, and sponsors who are involved, the projects should be presented by those responsible, and their involvement made clear.  The time given for assessing any project or area within the programme should be in relation to their importance in the total context of the judging criteria.

The tour should end at an appropriate facility, where a room can be provided for the jury to have a break and an initial private deliberation. This may be followed by a short private meeting with representatives of the entrant to give initial feedback.

Please note: before or after a 4 hours judging no longer than 3 hours drive should be arranged on the same day.